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How to Write A Book – Tips from Authors for Authors

HowToWriteABookThe first book in the series of How to books for authors, that are compiled from tips, podcasts and articles from successful authors is ready to go!

Are you thinking about writing a book? Have you started the great American novel and haven’t quite finished it? Do you need help getting started?

How to Write a Book is just what you need. 12 authors have gotten together and put together this book of tips and advice for authors just getting started.

Our chapters include:
Reading And Writing
Getting Started On Your Book
The Closet Writer
Yes, Virginia, Grammar Really Matters
The Gristle Of It
The Story Arc
Let’s Talk About POV
Character Development – Podcast Transcript
Dialogue: Letting Your Characters Breathe
How To Write A Series
Plotting For The Past – Podcast Transcript
The Importance Of Being Edited
The Pros And Cons Of Self-Publishing
The Indie Author
Working With Children To Co-Author Books
Helpful Sites for Writers

Our authors are:
Deborah Carney
Lynne Cantwell
Rachel Cherie
Katie Darden
Karen Garcia
Judy Leslie
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith
Joseph Picard
John R. Phythyon, Jr.
Tory Richards
Alan Seeger
Diane Ziomek

Do you have tips you would share? How about books that helped you? Share them in the comments!

BookGoodies Network Series of Books for Authors

Over a year in the making we are finally ready to release our series of Tips for Authors From Authors books. The first in the series is How To Write A Book. However if you need any of our books in a different format, use our contact form to let us know and we’ll see what we can work out. Our books will be released in print shortly after they are available as an ebook.

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